Scoring a spot in semi finals

Morgan West, Photographer

On a cold, late night, February 6, Spartans Hockey team arrived at the Rec Plex, ready to play quarter finals against Duchesne. Many Spartans filled up the stands to cheer the team on, celebrating each goal and applauding each save.

Both teams desired a spot in semi finals, and the rink was rowdy, but the Spartans out-defended and out-scored the Pioneers 6-3.

“I had a couple buddies on the team. They knew what to do, they knew they had to play hard and shut down our team, but we came out on top”, said senior left wing Kyle Sery.

The pressure was on and the crowd was passionate, and now Spartans are moving on to semi finals.

“I like to play under pressure. I play better under pressure … personally, and as a team,” Sery said.