End of the season and quite possibly the end of the road for hockey

Abram Cutshall

The hockey season ended for the Spartans with a loss to Marquette at the Scottrade Center. Although they didn’t win the Wickenheiser Cup, they still gave Marquette a run for their money.

Senior Brock Shearon is just happy that they reached their goal.

“We accomplished our goal by getting to Scottrade and we were really proud of that,” Shearon said.

One moment that really stuck out in Shearon’s mind is their game against CBC.

“We all thought we were gonna get hammered and just give up but we fought really hard and only  lost by one point to a really good team and won Challenge Cup this year. That was a turning point in our season,” Shearon said.

For freshman Trevor Zeig, being one of the only freshman on the team was a unique experience for him.

“It was pretty cool because not many people have that chance to be a freshman on a varsity team,” Zeig said.

For senior Matthew Gregg, this is a bittersweet moment. Although he is leaving the team, he is still quite confident in their ability.

“Skill wise I don’t think the team is going to be lacking at all, but I feel like it’s going to be hard for us to even put a team out on the ice,” Gregg said.

The team will face the dilemma of possibly not having enough players to have a team next year.

 “We’re losing 11 seniors and we’re gonna need more people to join if we’re going to have a team,” Zeig said.

For Gregg, the threat of not having a team at all was a little too real.

“I remember on senior night looking over at the bench and there were only nine kids on it excluding all our seniors and it’s a twenty man roster so it’s gonna be hard to put a team together,” Gregg said.