Hopeful season

After last year’s loss to CBC in the quarterfinals, the baseball team hopes to make it further in their season this year.


Elizabeth Gerger

Senior Brenden Bratsch during the teams last practice before their first game.

Elizabeth Gerger, Staff reporter

As baseball season approaches, the team works on their skills, as well as their chemistry, to prepare for the season. Last year the boys made it to the quarterfinals, where they lost 5-0 to CBC high school.

The team lost eleven seniors that helped them get to the final eight last year. Leaving this year with mostly juniors, including Seth Denoyer.

“I expect to win state,” first year varsity player Denoyer said. “We have to put in work in the weight room and keep practicing as hard as we are. I think if we keep bonding the way that we have been, then we will go far.”

This year, the team chemistry is said to be very strong and good. Senior Bradlee Rogers is happy with the team chemistry and hopes it only gets better.

“Our class was really instrumental last year,” Rogers said. “The seniors and the juniors worked really well together, so I’m hoping that can happen again.”

Preseason workouts for the boys have been going on all offseason and the team is hoping it pays off this season. Erik Webb, a four year varsity senior, has been working hard outside of preseason workouts in hopes of a great season.

“Our success last year is going to drive us this year,” Webb said. “We’ve been outside almost every single day (during preseason), so I feel like that’s going to help us out so we’re not so new to being outside.”

The boys first game is Friday, March 18 at Parkway North at 4:15.