Lacrosse season progresses

As lacrosse makes its way through heir first season with FHC, they bond over the unexpected success.

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Selfless Schneider
May 12, 2017

Lacrosse team prepares for the next game at practice.

After just a few weeks into their first season, the lacrosse team is making Central proud. The girls have played five games so far and are 3-1-1 for the season. The young team is excited for the unexpected success and are hoping for the season to continue on this trend.

Junior Erica Hixson plays center for the lacrosse team is experienced in the athletic world, having two sports under her belt, and is pleased with the way the season is going.

“We feel pretty optimistic [for the rest of the season],” Hixson said, “but we’re hoping for a more consistent season.”

And she believes they can reach this goal. The team continues to give their all and is having success on and off the field in their relationships with each other.

“We have a lot of fight in us,” Hixson said.

According to most of the girls, they are already becoming very close. For Hixon, she attributes this to the fact that they are all learning together. Most of the girls have never played lacrosse before and some have never even played a sport.

“For a first year team, there’s definitely a lot more bonding going on,” Hixson said.

First time lacrosse goalkeeper, Kaitlyn Chadwick, is also pleased with their progress.

“Working together as a team is going great,” Chadwick said.

The girls will be playing their first and only home game tonight, Monday April 11, against Hazelwood Central at 4:15 pm.