Down to the wire

Morgan West, Photographer

On April 8, the Varsity soccer team faced off against Timberland and won 2-1. The whole game possessed tension, as the teams were tied 1-1 just about the whole game. The winning goal was scored during overtime by freshman Molly Krispin assisted by junior Abbie Rademacher.

The afternoon was cool and erratically windy. The strong wind changed direction a few times, affecting the players and how the ball was handled. There were many out-of-bounds kicks, and lots of air time for the ball. With three players injured, the Spartans made due with their 14 players and managed to take the win.

Despite the victory, freshman midfielder Jenna Mathis believes the team shouldn’t have had to go into overtime and could have played faster and connected more passes. Though she said, “The team’s capable of continuing to win… and hopefully we make it back to where we were last year,” Mathis said.