Maintaining Mental Strength

Francis Howell Central competes at North for the GAC tournament with only a week to go before districts

Elaine Mallon

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May 23, 2017

The Francis Howell Central boys tennis season is quickly coming to a close. With only one regular season game left at St. Dominic’s, the boys have been preparing for districts. Between Thursday and Friday of this week, the boys have been at Francis Howell North for the GACs tournament. Yesterday, the top four doubles teams played, and for today, the players will compete individually in their singles matches.
Junior Matt Vandiver played with sophomore Corey Moats in the tournament. The partners didn’t rank, since they lost in their match for third place by a score of 7-8. Though disappointed by their defeat, Vandiver believes the tournament is only practice for districts.
“I think in districts our whole team will come back stronger than we are in GACs. Based on GACs, we will be able to quickly bounce back from mental mistakes,” Vandiver said.
Andrew and Alex Schrautemeir lost to Francis Howell North in the first round. Despite his defeat, Andrew’s confidence for his singles matches are unfazed.
“ My goal for today is to win gold. I want to win a medal. I play Howell so hopefully I play well. I’m hoping I can keep my mental focus and strength in my matches.”
Overall, Schrautemeir believes his team played well for the first day of GACs.
“I think we played well. Our teammates were strong when they were faced against schools like Francis Howell North and Timberland. I think today with our singles matches we will only do better.”