Tragic loss against Knights

Tremendous loss in our pink out game



The Spartans against our biggest rivals, the Howell Knights on the night of October 7th.

It was the day, the day that we were going up against our rivals. The crowd was loud as usual for our Spartans, even though we lost to Howell. Luke Ezell was really sad to say the team didn’t do the best.

“It definitely sucks losing to our rivals, Howell, I wish we were more focused and more determined to win, like I thought we were,” Ezell said.

Jackson Berck, thought the team were more than ready to take down Howell once and for all.

“We all thought we were more than ready because it was our rival, and the school expects more to win since it is Howell. We just came out flat, sadly,” Berck said

This wasn’t just any other game for the school, this was against our rivals that we have had for years. The past couple years, we have not beaten Howell as much as we wanted to. The team was more motivated than ever to beat them and do better than prior years. This years seniors did not beat Howell once.

“The past few years we’ve been not so good at beating Howell,” Berck said.

According to Ezell, defense and offense were off in a sense of being tackled or just having minor mistakes that would involve Howell getting a touchdown.

“We had a decent game, but we got put in a lot of bad situations, like being tackled close to the end zone. The defense doesn’t have that much room to play with, so one small mistake scored a touchdown, which happened several times,” Ezell said.

Berck was really upset by their small mistakes that could have been easily fixed in order for them to win.

“We really wanted to beat them more than other games, as well as be proud of ourselves.” Berck said.

“ It really really sucked losing to Howell, I guess we were overconfident in that case,” Ezell said.