Another loss

Second to last game of the season



Spartans against the Parkway Central Colts, doing the best that they can.

On October 14th, the Spartans football team had it is second to last game of the regular season against Parkway Central High School. Even with the cold in the air, many people came to support the team. The team had ended the season with a great loss against Parkway Central Colts with a score of 64- 16.

Senior Luke Ezell had positive vibes for this game, but that didn’t really turn out to be the case.

“We thought we were prepared, but obviously we weren’t; it shows because we lost by a lot,” Ezell said.

It is a bummer that the Spartans didn’t win the game, but that gave the team more motivation to try to win the playoff game, which we didn’t sadly.

“We maybe were out matched a little bit, but we can always play better,” Berck said.

Spartans thought they were going in strong because of the great practices that week but that obviously was not the case. The work they showed in practice did not show on the field at Parkway Central.

“We came in kind of flat. We didn’t perform like we wanted to, it sucks because we thought we had a good weak of practice, but that sadly didn’t show on the field,” said Berck.

The biggest challenge for the Spartans during this game was passing the ball to the side and defensive tackles. Their form was not correct when defending and they overall were not focused enough to beat or tackle them.

“We couldn’t tackle them to save our lives, we had really bad form,” Ezell said.

Since the players had bad form most of the game, it shows that some were not trying their hardest like they were at the beginning of the season. So for their upcoming game, the team is going to make sure that they give 120 percent all season and to have the best season and to overall be a better team, according to both Ezell and Berck.

“Some people on the team were kind of easing during the season, especially the end of it, but we gotta put all our effort in to winning this next game and to be better for next season.” Berck said.