Soccer seniors prepare for bigger, better things

Six players take field at Don Muench Memorial Stadium for final time in loss to Marquette

Boys soccer played its last home game Thursday, Oct. 20 against Marquette. The team’s final home game was also its senior night. They sent off the team’s six seniors Nathan Smith, Drew Schoch, Jared Strange, Caleb Harmon, CJ Brown and Will Pierce. The game resulted in a 1-0 loss for the Spartans.

Although the game resulted in a defeat, it meant much more than just a win or loss to the seniors. The game signified the end of their high school soccer career, which for many of them was an integral part of their high school experience.

“Even though it was disappointing for them to lose their senior night, more came out of the game than just the loss. It prepared them for bigger and better things,” said manager Taylor Amlong.