Serious Improvement


Jessica Fults and Liz Baker

While the girls’ swim team has several new members on the team this year, they aren’t letting it hold them back from trying their hardest.

The team is blending and working together more as the season goes on but there are only 3 weeks left in the season before the MSHSAA State Championship meet for the team to work towards their goals. Senior Nicole Webb spoke about how the freshmen effect the team.

“[The freshman] on the team have kind of blended together nicely and you can’t really tell who’s in what grade, so that’s really cool,” Webb said.

Freshman Kayla Steinmeyer also commented on the subject.

“There are a lot of freshman, and I don’t think that it affects the team very much because we are all pretty mature,” Steinmeyer said.

Since the team isn’t worried about the newcomers, they are able to better focus on their times.

“I actually did the 200 IM last night, which I don’t really do that often. I’ve only done it three times this season, and even with the longer pool I got my best time without it being converted to what it usually is, so that was a nice accomplishment,” Webb said.

Webb wasn’t the only one who did well last night, sophomore Corrina Trimble placed in two events and Steinmeyer placed first in her 100 fly.

“In the 400 free relay and my in my 500 free I was first and I swam the 200 medley relay for freestyle and I think we got second,” said Trimble

This doesn’t mean there isn’t still team bonding and work to be done during the practices. Trimble also talked about the structure of the practices.

“We do need to take practice more seriously, but at the same time I think some of us don’t take it seriously because it’s not a well structured practice, and a lot of us have different views on how we should be taught because we feel like that affects the team. So talking to the coach about how we want the practice to go could improve the mood of the entire team and the atmosphere,” Trimble said.

People are getting more focused as time goes on, though, according to Webb.

“I think people are dialed into the season now with their specific events and everyone is just trying to work on getting better at those,” said Webb. “I think that people are starting to realize that we have to take it more seriously, and that has definitely helped us improve at meets to come together and be there for each other.”

Even with their varying opinions, the team is working together, cheering each other on, and doing what they can as the time left in the season dwindles.

“I feel like even though many of us have different opinions which has been shown, we still find a way in the end to all come to practices, all swim together, and all cheer on each other,” said Trimble. “There’s not a lot of the season left and I’m really hoping for the next two meets we can kick some butt and get in there, and people can continue doing as well as they can and continue dropping time. I hope we can just do our best.”