The last match

Gracie Kruep, Staff Photographer

 The freshman girls basketball team ended it’s season with one of their closest games yet, but the Lady Spartans still lost 23-20, putting in their best effort. The Lady Spartans didn’t start out the strongest in the beginning of the season, only achieving one win against the other freshman teams in their conference.

 “As for our last game against West, I think we did really well, probably one of the best games we’ve played,” freshman guard Camryn Barrett said. “I think we could’ve won but at the end they just kept scoring and it was really upsetting, but it’s alright because I’m proud of my team.”

 In the end, the Lady Spartans came together after multiple injuries and a rough start, they started to greatly improve, winning more and more games and growing as a team. The season, in Barrett’s eyes, ended too soon, but they are confident they will have success in the GAC tournament on Feb. 4.

“I think in the beginning of the season, our offense gave a lot of turnovers, but we progressed, making smarter passes and not giving up the ball as much,” Barrett said. “Once we got closer as a team throughout the season, we played so much better. And I believe that a team that has chemistry plays the best.”