Seniors make a splash


Ashley Gault

Tuesday Jan. 30’s swim meet against St. Charles West.

Jessica Fults, Staff Reporter

After the meet on Monday against SCW, the girl’s swim team came away with a win, but their focus wasn’t just on the water. Carli Buchanan was among the seniors to experience Senior night, an emotional, yet fun, event for the seniors who are leaving the team.

“So we had the awards for senior night before the meet and each senior walked down with their parent. Then it’s a tradition that our whole team stands at the end with kick boards and we make a tower out of them and and every senior walks through them. And then we take pictures afterwards,” said Buchanan

Buchanan has been a part of this event for the three years she’s been on the team, but now she experienced first hand what it’s like to be in the spotlight.

“Senior night overall was an accomplishment, and it was so much fun because for the past three years I’ve just seen everyone else graduate so it was cool going through it myself,” said Buchanan.

The seniors get a personal announcement while being escorted, and fellow team member Jenson Schetter explains what is said.

“So basically the swimmers and their parents get escorted and while they are walking, there is a person who announces what they want to do, like where they’re going to college and their favorite FHC swimming moment,” said Schetter.

The meet wasn’t just a success for the senior, a lot of people got their best times during the meet, including freshman Ellie Maxwell. Although Maxwell accomplished her best time, she still feels there’s room for personal improvement.

“I got my personal best on the 100 free, so that was really cool,” said Maxwell, “I could definitely work on believing in myself more; it would improve my performance.”

Buchanan got first in four events: the 100 fly, 100 back, 200 free, and the 200 medley relay. She recalls some of her teammates getting their best times, including Schetter.

“We had a lot of people get best times as well. I don’t know all of the specifics, but I know Molly Jones and Jenson Schetter both got their best times in the 200 IM and Mckenna Starich got her best time in the 100 free. They were really excited about that too,” said Buchanan.

As the season is coming down to the last few meets, the team is excited for more events coming up. Buchanan can’t believe the team’s big meet is already here next week.

“I’m definitely looking forward to conference, which is a week from today; that’s crazy it’s hear already. It’s Tuesday through Thursday next week, and it’s like our big meet at the end of the season,” said Buchanan.

Another big event, the GAC’s, is coming up for the team, and it is brought up quite often throughout the season. Schetter is hopeful that this event goes smoothly for the whole team.

“GAC’s are right around the corner and I’m hoping that the whole team will be supportive, not only for the people swimming there, but for the entire team. When we decide to support everyone, that’s when we truly succeed,” said Schetter.