Men of FHC

Laura Weiss, photographer

On a Friday night, March 10th, the Spartan parking lot was packed with an excited audience about to experience the 4th annual “Mr. FHC”.

The night was filled with laughter, “awes”, and screaming as the show went on. The audience were first introduced the contestants with their escorts, showing off with three individual poses. The next part was where each contestant was asked two (comical or serious) questions to gain the audience’s appreciation and to impress the judges with their answers. The final round was showing everyone their talents; this included rapping, lip-syncing, making a fruit salad, break dancing, recreating a scene from “The Office”,  and even reciting poetry on a treadmill. Some great moments were even unprepared for the event, such as allowing the audience to tell jokes and witnessing adorable promposals. In the end, senior Quentin Webert won Mr. FHC with his sincere personality and talent of performing his own song.

“I very much enjoyed participating in Mr. FHC, I think it’s a great event this school puts on. I think it’s cool to see kids get up there and have fun or show off real talent they’re passionate about,” said Quentin.