Players hope pre-season training will set tone for upcoming season

Girls soccer team prepares for a successful season by team bonding.


Senior Angel Ikeda controls the ball during the sectional game during the 2016 season.

The Spartans girl soccer team has been preparing for the upcoming season for months now. Since January, the girls have been training together to work on everything from fitness to team bonding. Sophomore Jenna Mathis believes that such training is crucial to the team’s success.

“I think that all the work we do together before the season even starts really sets the tone for how the rest of the year goes. It gives us a chance to really get to know the new members and bond with them,” Mathis said.

Mathis is excited to see how far the team can go this season.

“I’m most looking forward to building the team chemistry and just seeing us grow together and improve ourselves as a whole,” Mathis said

This season the team is taking on 6 new players and have been working with them and getting them prepared. Senior Morgan Cervera is excited for the upcoming season and is confident in her new team.

“Even though we lost quite a few players last year because they were seniors, I really think that we can continue on strong this year just like we have in the past; our new team members have outdone themselves and are really performing well,” Cervera said.

With such dedication to training and close friendships, it is no wonder why many are anticipating the team’s performance this season. Sophomore Mackenzie Daiber is ready for the upcoming season and knows that her team will be able to face all the challenges thrown at them.

“Looking into the upcoming season, I can say that I’m fairly confident in our ability to bring home some wins for FHC; our team has some great chemistry and I have faith that we will all be able to pull together and perform our best,” Daiber said.