Spartan baseball finding themselves on the practice field

As the new season looms, the Spartan baseball team is hard at work.


Caleb Harmon, Staff Reporter

The Spartan baseball team is gearing up for the new season.  As the beginning of play looms, Parkway Central is the first test for the team away from home.

Coming into the new season the Spartans are full of confidence and believe in what is happening with the program including junior Timothy Ewald.

Ewald said, “We’ve been working as a team and getting together.  We’re making the right plays and working on those small little things.  I think we can make it pretty far.”

The Spartans seem to have a bright future on the diamond but this may not be all about the talent.  According to senior Seth Denoyer, there is a lot of progress being made behind the scenes at practices.

Denoyer said, “We have gotten a lot of work done in practice. We’ve been hitting a lot and doing a lot more conditioning, I think we can get past what we did last year and get past districts.”

Being ready for this first game seems to be pretty important for this baseball team.  The first game of the season can definitely help indicate what needs to be worked on and what needs to be better for the next game.  But for now, it’s all practice.

Senior Jackson Berck said, “Our practices have been really good and everyone has been working really hard.  Right now we’re just focusing on the details and getting ready for the first game.”

This first game is very important because it could allow the squad to make a statement about it’s ability.

Berck goes on to say, “We’ve been focusing on our bats because hitting is one of the most important things.  But not only our offense but our defense as well and focusing on making plays.”

There seems to be something in the air.  The players know what they can accomplish but they also know the work needs to be put in to help back up their words with results.  Practices are where they are getting things done and that’s where glimpses of the upcoming season can be seen.

The Spartans’ first game is on Monday, March 20th.