Ground breaking meet

The Track and field team hurdle boundaries for their first meet.

Jessica Fults, Staff reporter

The track and field team started their season off with a positive note, showing a promising future for the season ahead. Junior Weston Klein and senior Natalie Green broke two school records.


Klein beat the record for the javelin by 2 ft, but he’s not planning on stopping there, as he has plans for later in the season.


“The record was 129ft 6in and now it’s 131ft 6in,” said Klein, “At the end of the season, I want to hit around 150 ft-160 ft and my senior year I plan to get around 200 ft and make the record.”


Natalie Green broke the record for shot put by just half an inch. She was surprised that she was able to do it this early into the season.


“When I broke the school record, at first it didn’t even cross my mind that I was capable of doing it this early in the season. My previous pr (personal record) was within an inch from the previous record which was 37 ft. 2 1/2 in. I broke the record throwing the shot put 37 ft. 3 in,” said Green.


Natalie’s sister, freshman Olivia Green, enjoys having her sisters on the same team. Her other sister, Abigail, is also on the team, and does shot put as well


“It’s fun being on a team with my sisters because they are like my mentors- they help me and encourage me,” said Olivia.


While she is excited for her sister Natalie, Olivia also does shot put and wants to beat her record this year.


“I’m really proud of Natalie for breaking the school record. She’s accomplishing so much; all of her goals are coming true,” said Olivia, “The ultimate goal is to beat her record but it’s probably not going to happen.”


Natalie was feeling confident before the meet, even though she didn’t think she would beat any records. When it was announced, she was overwhelmed with joy while the team celebrated.


“During the warm up throws, my arm was feeling fast and I was feeling ready and excited. The first throw that was marked was the throw that broke the record. I couldn’t really tell where it landed, but I knew it was solid,” Natalie said, “My coach came over and was waiting with me to hear the mark, and when they announced it I was like wait, what? I broke it? I broke it! Finally. I started to cry, and my sister and teammates gave me a big hug congratulating me.”


Further into the season Natalie hopes to pass her record and improve in her event.


“It has been my goal since sophomore year to break the record, even though I didn’t think I would have done it at the second meet for this season. Throughout the season and by then end of the season I hope to continue to pr and set the record even higher,” said Natalie.