Girls soccer seeking room for improvement

Fhc ties with Rochester.


Emily Hall

FHC against Rochester. The varsity girls are warming up.

Girls varsity soccer team tied in a game against Rochester on April 4th; the team is still getting the hang of things for this season and some members feel as though their playing was not what it could be. Senior Angel Ikeda doesn’t think they are playing to their true extent.

“I would say it was just slow in general, we didn’t come out strong and hard like we usually do, we kinda let them come to us rather than us going at them,” Ikeda said.

Though they didn’t play with as much vigor as they normally do, Ikeda does believe they have made improvements.

“I feel like we picked our heads up a bit and started playing more like a team, rather than individuals. We focused more on the little things which helped a lot,” Ikeda said.

Sophomore Rayna Thomas thinks the team played well together and is excited to see the team grow closer as the season progresses.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone improves both individually and together as a team,” said Thomas.

Freshman Mackenzie Jones is is excited to be playing on the varsity team and is reassured by the welcoming upperclassmen.

“It’s a little intimidating, but really fun. The upperclassman are really nice and fun to hang out with, so they make it less intimidating for the freshman,” Jones said. “I was not really sure what to expect this year, but everyone is getting along so well, I can see the team going far this year”.

There is a lot of hopes for the team this year and many are anticipating their success, a feeling best echoed by Thomas.

“From what I’ve seen in us so far, I think that we can go far this year and that people should be ready to see what we can do,” Thomas said.