Playing the field

Francis Howell Central vs Fort Zumwalt West


Morgan West

Girls Varsity playing against Zumwalt. Player Taylor Amalong laughlin with teammates.

The girls varsity soccer team competed against Fort Zumwalt West on Tuesday, April 11th, resulting in a 2-1 win. In previous games, the team’s chemistry was lacking and the confusion of positions led to inconsistent wins. According to senior Emma Ziegler, keeping their head in the game and attacking the ball was an improvement on central’s behalf.

“I think we did good with staying composed when the other team had quite a few offensive attacks late in the second half,” said Ziegler.

To keep the wins coming, Ziegler believes working on strategies to get the ball in the net can be improved.

“I think we need to work on finding the back of the net on set pieces,” said Ziegler.

Sophomore Jenna Mathis agrees with Ziegler, stating that in order to get the goals in the back of the net, footwork needs to be improved on.

“One thing we could work on would be to possess the ball a little better and cleaner,” said Mathis. “I think once we work on playing cleaner everything else will come to us.”

According to sophomore Kaitlyn Nixon, practicing team chemistry during practices has improved their game.

“We practice working together a lot during practice, so in games we share the ball and don’t hog it,” said Nixon. “Passing to each other and playing with the whole field seems to help.”

For both Mathis and Nixon, they’re looking forward to finding more ways to connect with each player and show everyone their breakthrough.

“I don’t want people to lose faith in us,” said Mathis. “We have been working to improve ourselves and we will show everyone what we’re made of.”

“I think we’re a great team. We always come out and try our hardest in games and I think giving our best is the best we can do,” said Nixon.

The next game is on Tuesday, April 18th against Francis Howell at 6pm.