Spartans lose against Timberland


Rachel Harvey

Varsity girls play against Timberland. Varsity player Mia Brader getting ready to get the ball.

The Lady Spartans played a very close game against Timberland last Thursday. Sophomore Kaitlyn Nixon talks about how intense the game was.

“In the first half it was 0-0,” Nixon said, ”Then in the last two minutes Howell scored off of a corner, so the ending score was 1-0 Timberland.”

Nixon believes that they were unable to win because the team has trouble keeping the ball once they get it. They need to improve on keeping the ball, so they have a better chance of winning the game.

“Once we get on offense, we sometimes lose the ball and it comes back to the defense. So I think we need to try to keep the ball in the offensive end,” Nixon said.

Even though they lost, the girls are still happy with their performance, there is always room to improve. Sophomore Alyssea Braun is proud of how the team responded to Timberland’s goal.

“I think the game went well, we played hard, and when Timberland scored, we didn’t let up, we played harder,” Braun said.

Sophomore Mariah Johnson is also proud of how the team knows not give up and to keep playing as hard as they can.

“ We are definitely good at keeping our cool, we know to keep pushing and not accept defeat,”Johnson said, “Also something that we really excel at as a team would be playing the field, we all are good at knowing what to do and where to go”.

The season is starting to come to a close, many of the girls are trying to spend the rest of their time to have fun and play.

“I’m mainly looking forward to just playing with my team and playing in general. The season goes by in a blink of an eye, so I’m just trying to enjoy it while it lasts,” Nixon said.

Braun is aiming to get the team and the school a trophy this season.

“I am hoping to get a state title this year, I think as a team we can definitely get there and win,” Braun said.

Johnson has been reflecting on year and likes how far they have come as a team.

“Being close to the end of the season, I have been thinking about how far the team has come since the beginning, I’m very proud of everything we have done,” Johnson said.