Talented track team at Troy

The track and field team held their own at the last track meet that took place in Troy last week, each having a triumph of their own.

Jessica Fults, Staff reporter

Members of the track and field team each had a personal victory at the last meet at Troy. Senior Emma Campbell broke her personal record in her event.

“The last varsity meet was last week at Troy, and that went really well! I PRed and won pole vaulting, girls got 2nd and boys got 1st,” Campbell said.

Campbell has seen the program blossom over the two years she had been a member, attracting new people to the sport.

“I think from my sophomore year this program has become a lot more welcoming to people who are just looking to try stuff out, which is awesome because a lot of people find stuff that they’re really good at and I think that’s part of the reason we’re so successful as a team,” Campbell said.

Junior Weston Klein accomplished second place at the meet, and he has high hopes for the future.

“The last meet was at Troy, and we did pretty good. I personally only throw for javelin, and I took second,” said Klein, “I look forward to breaking [more] records [for the remainder of the] season.”

New competition awaited the team in Troy, and Junior Ashley Roland recalls that the team did an exceptional job against the new addition.

“The last meet went pretty well for me, and I think as a team we did pretty well because we saw teams we usually don’t get to see, so it’s nice to see we can do well against new competition,” Roland said.

Roland is looking forward to focusing on her specific event, triple jumps, at sectionals this year.

“I’m most looking forward to hopefully making it to sectionals because I remember last year I went and it was fun and a lot less stressful because you only focus on your event,” Roland said.

While the team did well in Troy, Klein believes the team as a whole could improve with an increase in practice.

“The whole team could improve by practicing, practicing always helps improve the outcome of meets,” Klein said.

Although the team could focus on practicing more, Roland is happy with where the program is now.

“I believe the track and field program is pretty good and it’s just improving over the years and I’m happy with where it is right now,” Roland said.