Spirits Remain High

In the backend of the season, the varsity baseball squad keeps their teammates close and their head in the game.


Caleb Harmon, Staff Reporter

The Spartan baseball team is in the midst of their spring 2017 season.  Recently coming off of tough team matchups, the Spartans are still optimistic.

Even with some tough losses to teams, senior Jake Newell still has hope for the rest of the season and thinks the season so far has been more of a success than any failure.

Newell said, “The season is good, we seem to be putting in a lot of work and it’s starting to show off.  We’re trying to get ahead in the game, stay in the game, and play every inning.”

Even in the face of tough losses, senior Kaleb Cissel believes the team is still having fun on the diamond as a team.

Cissel said, “The season has been going good. We’ve been having a good time and having fun with each other.  Of course I want a winning record for the team too that would be fun.”

To the baseball, coming together and playing as a team seems to be the goal of the season.  And nothing brings a baseball team closer than putting some wins in their record.

When the team gets together to work on things, it’s not all mechanics and tactics either. According to senior Evan Barton the team works on becoming closer.

Barton said, “We’re really working together with more bonding stuff so we can come closer as a team and as a whole.  We are all super close to each other, not just on the field but off of it as well.”

It is not all fun and games, however.  Hard work is still the name of the game as the team is working hard to improve their game beyond where it’s at now.  According to Cissel, work is needed to help condition a young outfield core.

Cissel said, “We’ve been doing a lot of infield work and outfield work.  Our outfield is really young.  We have two sophomores so we’re giving them varsity opportunities as much as we can.”

Although many things are happening, Jake Newell lets on about a simple team motto.

Newell said, “This year, our new motto is ‘Win each inning’.”

Look for this Spartan squad to be sharing good times and good games out on the baseball diamond.