A force to be reckoned with

Varsity softball team crushes FHN again in round-robin championship


Zoe Lentz

The varsity team huddles before their tournament last Saturday. They strive to improve teamwork in order to become seamless on the field.

Garrett Allen, Discover editor

In a cutting 5-4 victory, the varsity softball team left FHN defeated once again at a round-robin tournament last Saturday. After winning two games prior, they pushed through FHN for the championship match, beating them for the second time this season after their steamroll win on August 29.

Though more difficult than their last game against FHN (12-0), the team pushed through with the help of quick runs and teamwork.

Though playing well overall so far, leaders on the team, such as second baseman Madison Bixler, senior, think improving the team’s dynamic together will lead to further success.

“We’re definitely focused, we just want our senior year to be the best year, so we’ve been trying really hard in order to get where we want to be,” Bixler said. “We have to overcome [the challenge of] working together, instead of individually.”

The key, Bixler believes, lies in maintaining positive momentum during games.

“We bring each other up,” she said. “If one of us is down because we can’t hit or something, we cheer each other up.”

According to centerfielder Daisy Clark, junior, the team’s technical work at practice will also contribute to future successes.

“We practice everyday, we hit, we work on defense, certain situations, stuff like that,” Clark said. “We’re used to faster pitching and a lot of these teams don’t have faster pitching, so we have to either slow down our swings or just try to get on base. I guess we’ve just got to power through it.”

Multiple successive wins this season have the team ranked 15th in the state and rising, a position not seen in FHC varsity softball for over a decade. Left fielder Avery Davis, senior, thinks this trend will continue.

“[The season’s] actually been fairly good, since past years.” Davis said. “We’ve just got to keep working hard in practice and make sure that we do our jobs on the field.”  

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