Sending them off

The seniors playing their final home game in FHC jersey

Bryce Lee, Repoter

Analise Benz
On Wednesday October 11, 2017, the girls volleyball team hosted the Fort Zumwalt East Lions to cap up Central’s last home game of the season.

The night started off with a farewell ceremony for the seniors girls that participated in their final home game in front of the spartan fans and staff.

Senior rightside hitter, Tyla Anderson, discussed how the team finish the night with a win and the right way to send her fellow seniors away.

“Everyone knew tonight was a special night because it was our final home game of the season as a team, but also myself and the three other seniors final home game of our high school career,” Anderson said.

The night went really well for the Spartans offensively as well as defensively. The girls did a great job blocking and digging for balls the Lions almost got down.

The players on the floor and the players on the bench did a good communicating to each other and helping out with balls that were in and out of play.

One of the other seniors, Kara Fihe, talked about how the night was for her and her teammates after getting the win.

“We had so much fun playing together in front of the huge crowd who came out to support us. I had a lot of fun playing with my sisters all year long and i’m so glad I got the chance experience that night with all of them and everyone who came to us,” Fihle said.

The large gym was from with senior shirts to fat heads on sticks to celebrate the team’s success leading up to that point.

Fihe was one of the girls who really made an impact with her passing ability and keeping balls up so the setter was able to give the proper set leading to a point for Central.

Finally, junior outside hitter Haley Vlassos, described point of view from a upper classman who has one more year to experience her volleyball career.

“I was just so happy to see all my friends and sister be so happy and excited about not only the win but also for each other. I was sad to realize this was my final year being able to play and enjoy the game I love with my older teammates,” Vlassos said.

Districts will start over fall break on Monday, October 16th through Wednesday, October 18th.