A hard-fought victory

JV soccer earns a 4-2 victory over GAC South foe Fort Zumwalt West

The second half has begun and it’s off to a scary start. Brendan Culian, goalie, is being pummeled by a player from FZW that left a scar on his face, but he stopped a potential goal.

On Sept. 12, the  JV soccer team faced off against Fort Zumwalt West. Although, the teams aren’t rivals this was an important game for the team.

Coming off of a loss previously the JV team was worried that another loss would be in store for them here. But that was not the case FHC beat FZW 4-2.

“I’m really grateful to be playing with, uh great player like my friend here Dylan [Stover], and I’m really happy he got a goal tonight,” sophomore Dominik Dutton said.

The team is looking forward to the upcoming games and tournaments in the future. The JV team has an upcoming game against CVC high school on Thursday Sept. 28, and a Rockwood Summit tournament on Sept. 30 to Oct. 3. There are big things on the horizon for the  JV soccer team.