Improvement on the ice

After losing their first game, the hockey team made a comeback and won.

Jessica Fults and Chloe Bockhorst

The FHC hockey team had their first game on November 10th. The game lead to a frustrating start in the season; Spartans lost 7-0 to Fort Zumwalt West. Players were disappointed, but they remain optimistic as they look forward to other games.

“We thought we were going to win, and we thought we had a good chance of beating them, but they came out with a few star players,” said Sophomore, Sam Taplin, who has been playing hockey for a whole decade.

They looked forward to future games, and set goals they knew they were able to achieve. Two years ago, they made it to the Wickenheiser Cup and they plan to do it once more.

While they lost their first game, Junior Jared Barnett recalls defensive skills the team improved on once on the ice.

“We only had six shots, but I think our defense did pretty well, and we carried into the next and did pretty well then, ” Barnett said.

Barnett didn’t get to play very much last season, and was on the ice consistently during the first game. He was greatly encouraged by his teammates, including Taplin, who noticed the hard work he was putting in.

“I think Jared [Barnett] came in and played pretty well after I had to come off the ice,” Taplin said.

After the first game, the team made a considerable comeback against Fort Zumwalt South on Sat. 11th. Junior Fletcher Zieman’s prediction came true, with the score coming to a close 7-6.

“I have a lot of friends on that team, the South games are always fun games. I thought it was going to be a close game,” Fletcher said.

With a win under their belt, they feel ready to successfully progress into the season. They are aware of the improvements they must make – but with their excitement, they are eager to practice.

“We could improve by passing more, we don’t do that very well at all. We have a lot of talent, we just have work together more,” Fletcher said.