Comeback queens

Varsity team wins a surprising game against Parkway South, ready for what’s to come


Alura Berry

Small guard and leader Makenzie Schierding, senior, huddles with her teammates before a home game. The camaraderie between members of the varsity team greatly contributes to their shock-and-awe rapid playing style.

Craig Eddy, Staff reporter

Coming back from a near-win from a long awaited tournament, the varsity girls’ basketball team ended its latest game with a startling victory against Parkway South High on their own court. The rapidly-paced game started off with the opponents gaining a short lead within the first three quarters, but in the last five minutes of the fourth, the varsity team brought all they had, bringing the final score to 44-40 in the FHC team’s favor.

The victory was not expected to most of the players, but small guard Mackenzie Schierding, senior, knew they were ready.

“I think the fact that we did so well, though, [was] because most of the game we were losing,” she explained. “It was the whole team. It was the energy we picked up — the energy in the fourth quarter.”

The rapid comeback proved that the varsity team was ready for anything.

“It just shows something about the team — the heart — that we’re not going to stop,” Schierding said.

During the game, the atmosphere was extremely intense down to the last second. In the days prior, the team had been preparing every practice with the same positivity and intensity, and junior, Yaniah Curry, agrees.

“The atmosphere is always intense, especially when we are preparing, getting ready for a big game, or any game coming up,” she continued, “Very positive, just [a]hard working atmosphere; everybody is on the same page.”

Schierding agreed.

“Every drill we do, it’s 100 percent. And that, for me, is mostly coach — the atmosphere she’s brought,” Schierding said, “that’s what she’s told us, that we’re going to go 100 percent every rep, so we bring that into the game too.”

That drive oftentimes requires a significant bond between teammates, unlike other girls’ basketball teams in the area, the camaraderie between players is akin to that of a family. It helps them make it through the hardest times, and the hardest games.

“[The dynamic] makes it easier for us to work together.” Curry agreed, “we get along not only on court but also off court.”

One of the main ways to enhance the team is through communication, as Schierding explains.

“I think a lot of our team dynamic comes from talking; it’s something we emphasize. Anytime we’re on the court, on the bench — no matter what your role is on the team, everyone needs to talk, to communicate,” she said.

Each and every practice or game, the players use teamwork to get better and better, and each time it shows. But, like sophomore point guard, Azaria Hulbert says, it could always be better.

“We’re really close. It’s early in the year, and we could get closer,” she went on, “but for now we are really getting close, everybody’s clicking with each other.”

Connecting with teammates can add a lot of confidence to the table, and each member is ready for what is to come.

“I’m hopeful of what the end of the season might bring,” Schierding said.

“We are never ahead of ourselves, like getting cocky, but we definitely have a goal set,” Curry agreed.

And as Hulbert explains, the confidence is definitely enhanced.

“I’m very confident,” she finished, “I feel like we could do some damage this year.”



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