Breaking the streak

The girls swim and dive team have second in their last two meets at the Rec Plex and is looking to end this streak this weekend December 16.

Bryce Lee

On December 9th, girls swim and dive had a tri-meet in which resulted in they finished second in the total points received out of the three teams. The girls have competed in two meets so far, placing second in both. As the girls get deeper into the season, they are working to maintain focus and increase the team’s overall points and begin finishing in first opposed to finishing in second.


Senior and first year swimmer, Payton Frick talks about how the season is going and states how her first year of swimming is going well.


“So far I’m having a great time,” Frick said. “My teammates and our coaches have really did a great job of making me and everyone else feel welcomed to the team and just being patience while they introduce us to the process.”


This is Frick’s first year of swimming so she’s, being helped out by one of her good friends and senior team captain Jensen Schetter.


Schetter has been swimming with the swim team since her freshman year and encourages more people to join because she feels swimming for her relieves stress from other outside things that may be causing stress.


“I’m really focusing on trying to encourage the team and bring everyone together in practice so we can take that same confidence to our meets. Our coaches and myself are really looking forward to this season and seeing what our new teammates can do,” Schetter said.


This year has been on of the smallest recruiting seasons so far since Schetter has been apart of the team which will cause more members of the team to learn new things to participate in different events.


“Right now, the team is preparing to compete this weekend and hopefully break our current streak of placing in second. Hopefully everything we’ve practiced will take over and show how good of a team we really are,” Schetter said.


The next meet for the girls swim and dive team will be on December 16 at the Rec Plex.