Persevering players

As the season winds down, the hockey players share their accomplishments and hopes for the rest of the season.

Jessica Fults, Staff reporter

As the Spartan hockey team is nearing the end of their season, they now reflect on how their season went. The past few games, many players have had concussions –  one player even had a broken collarbone. Nevertheless, they won their last game against Howell and have not given up hope for the last two games left against Clayton and St. Mary.

One of the players who has a concussion, Logan Oliver, explains how the team has been functioning with the surplus of injuries among the team.

“The injuries bring everyone together because it causes the team to pick up the slack, it makes us work as a team,” Oliver said.

Senior, Sean Poth, reiterates that the team has been working together more than ever since the multiple injuries.

“We didn’t start off very well but I’m feeling good now. We’ve been winning more games and I’ve been playing well; the whole team has been playing well,” Poth said.

The hard work and team spirit lead to the team’s win against not only Howell, their biggest rival, but North as well.

“I feel like we’re the best Howell school, we also beat North, so were on the top. It feels good,” Poth said.

The team has been working on specific skills for their last two games to increase their record and make up for the missing teammates. Trevor Zeig, describes the routine of their recent practices.

“We have been working on positioning and working more offensively, and trying to score goals back to back.We have been trying to go through that practice, and go harder and faster,” Zeig said, “In our win-loss ratio we have a little more losses than wins, so hopefully in this last game two games we get our streak up more.”

The end of the season means the Seniors only have a few games left, so the team had a senior night, where they won against Timberland. Poth is feeling sentimental about his time on the team and is unsure if he will play hockey after high school.

“It’s pretty sad because it’s my last season playing hockey at the school and I don’t know if I’ll play hockey after this so I’m giving it my all,” Poth said, “Senior night was good, we all felt honored and we also won that game.”

Regardless of the outcome of the remaining games, Oliver is feeling positive about the season for the boys next year.

“I think next year will be decent, but we are losing a lot of good players. I think we’ll be a able to play better,” Oliver said.