Spartans face off against Vikings

Vinny Graczyk, Staff photographer

The Howell Central Spartan’s have been practicing hard for the first game of the season against their rival the Howell Vikings. Parents and friends of the athletes were all excited to see the two schools compete against one another. There is a sense of pride from the parents when they see their child on the field, multiple parents were up against the fence watching intensely as the two teams battled it out. After a 0-4 deficit in the first inning it wasn’t looking good for the Spartans. Slowly, they clawed their way back eventually beating the Vikings 5-4 in the final inning.


“I had faith in my team,” said Ashlee Godier, “I knew that we could come back against them, we were determined to.”

The next game will be September 13th, against Francis Howell North, another conference rival