Playing with passion

Uniting together as one, boys soccer wins shutout match against Kirkwood.


Gracie Kruep

The team huddles together during halftime to discuss strategies for the second half.

Kaitlyn Nixon and Melissa Hixson

On Sept. 10, boys soccer played Kirkwood High in a non-conference match, winning 3-0. The Spartans dominated the majority of the match, with extra help by getting the upper-hand in the first half by scoring 2 goals. From scoring a goal or helping assist, junior Sam Newton thrives in the pure adrenaline of playing the high intensive sport.

“It’s really the best feeling that I get on the field because it’s a natural instinct for me to play soccer when I’m out on that field,” Newton said.

Although the Spartans came out of the match in a shutout, there was still hard challenges to overcome just like in any game. Anywhere from turnovers, breaking through a strong defensive line, or passes which didn’t make it to a teammate. But junior Gino Buffa found one of the hardest aspects of the game was none of these options, rather a familiarity had been challenging.

“I knew people on the team, because they’re on my club team and it was hard playing against them, instead of with them,” Buffa said.

“It’s really the best feeling that I get on the field because it’s a natural instinct for me to play soccer when I’m out on that field.” ”

— Sam Newton

With the majority of the team being on the varsity squad for the first time this year, all of the players had to get used to playing with one another. Building a strong and tight knit community among teammates can be challenging. Especially in high school, where everyone may have different schedules and commitments outside of practice and games. The camaraderie among the players during the Kirkwood game was important for how well the team will succeed in matches.

“When we walked out to go to Kirkwood, we were really ready and it was our first bus trip so it was our first time bonding on the bus together,” Senior Brendon Flerlage said.

“Play with Purpose” is a phrase most common among all athletes. Whenever they’re in a funk during practice or a game, their coach will refer to this phrase. It all comes down to the true desire, passion, and love the athlete has for the position and sport they play. The balance of ambition and the want to become a better player will ultimately pay off in the end.

“The main goal is just a rush of happiness and I just enjoy it,” Newton said.