New coach makes big impact

New head coach Julie Gronek makes a big impact on the team.


Samantha Gnuse

Girls volleyball pump each other up during time out. They work as a team to encourage each other.

Emma hultz, Rachel Fernandez, and Charley Landry

Lexi Arnel, Hannah Goestenkors, and Emily Mundle not only share the same passion but also share similar goals and expectations for the season. The new coaches have largely impacted the volleyball program positively, as well as helped the players grow in confidence and skill.

Six months ago the team gained a new head coach, Julie Gronek, who has really changed the program around ever since the first practice. She’s based the program around the whole idea of “Going to War.” She wants to focus more on being a family instead of three separate teams.

“Congrats to Coach Gronek! Very proud to honor & recognize her on her 1st career win, August 27th @ Kirkwood. Coach Gronek does a WONDERFUL job with this program, both on & off the court,” Scott Harris, our activities director tweeted.

Mundle, a junior, has been playing on the girls volleyball team for the three years that she’s attended the school. This year they plan on focusing more on being a family and being more passionate about the sport.

“We were more proud that we never necessarily gave up,” Mundle said.

Goestenkors has been on the team for four years. Like others, she also looks up to Coach Gronek who was only an assistant for the last few years.

“My personal goal is to keep the team positive, optimistic and working together as a family,” Goestenkors said.

The first game at Kirkwood, Goestenkors said they had a moment when the teammates were sitting together in a corner and just went around and talked about the team and got encouraged by their peers which had built up more on their confidence and positiveness.