Softball falls to Zumwalt West

Lady Spartans fall to conference foe


Dawn Susek, Staff reporter

Stuck at zero runs throughout most of the game, the team tried their hardest to make a comeback against Fort Zumwalt West. It quickly ended with the score 13-5.

Senior Claudia King said poor throwing in the field caused problems for the team.

“We lost with silly errors,” King said.  

Senior Alyssea Braun described what the environment was like before a game.

A lot of fooling around honestly, we just get all the silly stuff out of the way at the beginning of the game to know that in the game it is time to be serious,” Braun said.

Throughout this season, the team has been playing better than years prior.

“We have played a lot of the higher ranked teams in the state, we played the second and third ranked team. We have been doing good against them. We have lost to most of them but we hold our own,” junior Cece Carter said

The teams are working hard, running laps, and working on hitting to prepare for the next upcoming game.

During the game when one of the girls are up for bat the whole teams yells anything they can to help encourage a hit. The team had a lot of spirit. Even though they were losing, they did not stop the game and accept the loss, but they pushed themselves to the end. After each player swings, if they miss, they step out of the batter box and look to their coaches for a sign to bunt the ball or hit it.

We are just like one giant clique,” Braun explained.

The girls all get along, they are determined to encourage each other on and off the field.