A strong end to the season

The 2018 girls’ volleyball season wraps up with a strong finish.


Samantha Gnuse

Senior, Josie Prince, receiving one of her last pep-talks of her high school volleyball career.

Kami Eslinger, Josette Prince,and Marlene Andert are all beyond thrilled with both their own successes and their team’s successes from this current season. All three teams are ending the season strong and busy with GAC’s and districts.

Prince, a senior, has been playing volleyball since a young age. The whole season, Prince and her teammates’ goal has been to win games and develop new relationships with each other.

“Our practices from the previous year to this year have been a drastic change, we had more intense practices and focused on everyone instead of the same girl over and over,” Prince said.


Andert, freshman, just finished her first season playing on the team. With the help of her peers, she was able to grow confidence as the season continued.

“I definitely think we have a lot of heart to want to win. We are very competitive. We are determined,” Andert said.


Eslinger was just as ecstatic as everyone else on the JV team. Freshmen won their GAC’s undefeated 8-0 and JV ended their GAC’s with a hard lose to Howell in the second match 23-25.

“I feel like we have really come together as a team and encouraged each other to play our best,” said Eslinger.


All three teams ended their season strong and more determined to improve for the next season. With the addition of a new head coach and a new JV coach the girls have improved past the limit and played their game.