Seasons Coming and Going

As Cheer season winds down Sensations season begins

An exciting beginning and a bittersweet ending for FHC’s Varsity Cheer and Varsity Sensations teams took place on December 2nd. Both teams participated in competitions last Saturday; the Sensations their first of the season and the Cheer team their last.

The Sensations Varsity team participated in the Lindbergh High School Dance Competition. The team opened their season with finishing third in hip hop and first in jazz at the competition according to junior Mackenzie Ryan, a two year member of the varsity team.

“I was very excited but nervous at the same time because it felt like everything was happening all at once,” Ryan said.

The Sensations practiced everyday of the week leading up to the competition, including morning practices before school and their “Friends and Family” show after school on Wednesday, November 28th.  Being able to put this much work in preseason has put the sensations in a good spot going further into the season.

“I think this starts us off on a good note and it motivates us to even do better throughout the year because we always want to get better,” Ryan said.

While the Sensations begin their long competition season, the FHC Cheer team brought theirs to a close with their state competition that also took place last Saturday and had their “Friends and Family” performance Thursday, November 29th before their competition.

Senior and Co-Captain Ashley Lunders reflected on the performance which lead to the team taking fifth place at the MHSAA State competition.

“We pulled it together. Basically after regionals we really wanted to try hard and put out as much difficulty in our routine as possible. I think we deserved what we got our routine, it was clean I just wish it was more difficult,” Lunders said.

Co-Captain Madyson Arnel also commented on the team’s performance similarly stating the team “hit very well” and it was “a very clean routine.”

For both of these seniors, their last state competition brought forth a variety of mixed emotions over the end of their season.

“I’m sort of sad, you know, but I can hopefully cheer in college. That’s my goal,” Arnel said.

Where as Arnel was excited about the new adventure of college cheer, Lunders was more reminiscent over high school cheer.

“Walking out there for the last time. The feeling you get performing in front of everyone, I’m never going to get that again. Which is sad because I’ve been doing that my whole life,” Lunders said.

In case you missed either team they will be back in action tonight at the girls varsity basketball game at 7:00pm at FHC. One team preparing for the season ahead and the other enjoying the rest of their non-competition season.  


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