Chemistry on the court

The team’s success is more than just skill; a deep bond is needed


Faith Carter

The Spartan girls huddle before their game; in which they won 48-14.

Isaiah Salin and Natalie Walsh, Staff reporter

As the basketball is dribbling up and down the court, the Girls Basketball Team has more than just a connection, they have a bond.

The FHC Girls Basketball team has had great team performance so far this season, starting out at 3-1. The team has clearly grown closer and found chemistry on and off the basketball court.

For junior Azaria Hulbert, the addition of new players and departure of past seniors has greatly affected the team and how they play together.

“The new players have added defense and depth to the team,” Hulbert said.

New additions to the Spartans have boosted their team experience, bonding, and trust.

“Just knowing that we can trust each other with the ball… [trust] goes on and off the court and that’s really good,” Hulbert said.

Trust on the basketball court is paramount to basketball, and to the team’s bond on the court as well.

Sophomore Lindsey Mason has firsthand experienced the feeling of a deep team bond.

“Our past seniors were all around leaders, especially on and even off the court,” Mason said.

The departure of seniors has greatly affected the team, and creates a gap that needs to be filled.

“I think from a leadership standpoint is where the seniors are most missed,” Mason said.

Leadership is influential to sports, and in general is handed to the oldest players, which fell to the past seniors. With a void of leadership, others step up to the task.

Mackenzie Jones, junior, knows the issue of team chemistry and how this affects the team.

“With seniors leaving, new roles are made and the veterans have to step up and become leaders,” Jones said.

The void left by past leaders has been proven to be filled by the veterans, filling a needed position of leadership.

“A lot of us have great team chemistry and we’re more comfortable knowing each others strengths and weaknesses,” Jones explained.

With the increased comfortability with each other, the team has gotten closer and has continued to bond and improve as a team.