Exceeding expectations

Girls swim achieves multiple personal bests

Chloe Bockhorst, Voice editor

The girls swim season has started with its fair share of wins and losses. Though the season has just begun, these meets have been occurring mere days away from each other. Despite a busy start, at least three girls have beat their personal records at every meet. Junior Maddie Bennett noticed that this has been one of their greatest achievements this season.

“It was good but we dropped a lot of time on our relays and everyone’s improving,” Bennett said.

Their most recent meet was against a consistently tough rival, Fort Zumwalt North. Though they ultimately lost, the team holds to the fact that they are constantly improving together as a whole.

“[FZN] is a very talented team but last year we lost against them by a lot and this year we improved and we’re at the same pace as them,” Bennett said.

Due to the season’s fast-paced scheduling, girls swim is already halfway to GACs. Freshman Quinn Marshall, who already achieved a personal best, looks forward to meets more positively.

“I’m a little more confident about [future meets]. But I’m still a freshman and I saw a lot of improvement.”

Senior Corrina Trimble’s high school swimming career is an example of how much someone can improve since their freshman year. She has been getting personal bests or placing first in nearly every meet and is now team captain. Her position gives her an outlet to spread her interest and knowledge to new members on the team.

“One of the great things about being captain is I’m able to talk to and get to know every level of swimmer while helping them improve their strokes, turns, and starts,” Trimble said.

“We’re definitely better as a team and we support each other more and cheer each other on.””

— Maddie Bennett