Disappointment at playoffs


Amelia Vohsen

Junior Grant Curtis and senior Rayan Barghchoun discuss how their performance can improve. The regular season has been an opportunity for the entire team to grow and progress.

Kana Chung, Move editor

After a successful run, the playoffs are suggesting a less-than-favorable end to this year’s hockey season.

The first game of the playoffs took place on Friday, February 1 against Lafayette. Left wing Grant Curtis believes the result is partially due to the players letting their emotions affect the way they play.

“I mean it was a close game to start off with, and then our team just kind of blew a tire in the second period. Then we just kind of just let ourselves go with emotions and anger and stuff like that. So, it was kind of a tough loss,” Curtis said.

In addition to their emotionally-fueled play, according to goalie Curtis Gonz, the team also had a few players who were out with injuries, which may have caused the loss.

“It was a harder team to verse, so I feel like we did okay. I mean, we had a lot of hurt guys in that game. And it was just a good team, so it is what it is,” Gonz said.

This loss likely has some mental effects on the team going into their second playoff game on Tuesday, February 5 against Fort Zumwalt South.

“Yeah, I think [losing the first game] does [have an effect] on us. Because losing by, like, three to four goals probably got people thinking that we’re not that good,” Gonz said.

Unfortunately, the second game ended in a loss as well, but Curtis believes it might’ve been due to the immense stress that comes with competing in the playoffs.

“Our season was really good.

I really thought we had a good season but, I mean, we get to the playoffs and everything’s a lot more pressure,”

— Grant Curtis

and a lot more intense, and we just couldn’t take it in my opinion. It’s just a lot of pressure we had,” Curtis said.

Defender Ethan Tieman, who is currently out with a concussion, believes they were simply outplayed by Zumwalt South.

“They just outskated us, and worked harder, and beat us to 50/50 pucks,” Tieman said.

But regardless of how the first two games turned up, the Tieman is hopeful that the seniors will be able to enjoy the last game of their high school careers, on Friday, February 8 against Clayton.

“I think because we lost we’re not going to play. We’re done with playoffs right now, so I mean hopefully seniors will at least get the last one,” Tieman said.

Curtis believes that this can be achieved, because the team will have a different mindset after two losses.

“I mean we’re knocked out of the playoffs so everyone’s just kind of tired and upset about everything,” Curtis said. “So I don’t think we’re going to really let our emotions get to us at the last game, and we’ll all play together.”

Gonz also believes that it would be ideal if the team could walk away with at least one win.

“I think some guys are not wanting to go to [Friday’s game] since we’re already out and it doesn’t matter anyway,” Gonz said. “But I feel like we should just all go and try your best to win at least one game.”