Weathering the storm

Varsity lacrosse picks up a win against Northwest despite difficulties with the weather.



After varsity’s game against Northwest on Friday, March 29, the program’s official twitter page posted this team photo. The caption read “Varsity picks up a hard fought TEAM victory over Northwest 5-1. Way to play as one and HAVE FUN out there. Really proud of you! #welovetherain”

Kana Chung, Move editor

I think it totally kicked off our entire season and we’re going to kill it. And I’m so excited.”

— Lexi Deal, Junior

On Friday, March 29, the varsity lacrosse team brought home a 5-1 win over Northwest in their third game of the season. Although Northwest has historically been a tough team to beat, the girls were more than happy to prove that this year would be different, even though they had a rocky start, losing their first two games.

Junior Sophie Bahru credits their success to team bonding that took place the day prior.

“The practice before the game we had a team talk, and talked about areas we believe we should improve in. I believe what was said in that meeting carried over to the game, and we all had a better understanding of each other,” Bahru said.

Another junior, Cece Carter, agrees that the bonding that took place off the field allowed the team to work more cohesively during the game.

“We had a game Monday and again on Wednesday, and we really struggled in those games. We lost both of them… but [on Friday] we passed really well. We just played as a team and not as 11 different people out on the field,” Carter said.

Not only did this bonding experience help the team in Friday’s game, but junior Lexi Deal believes it will also benefit the rest of their season.

“I think it totally kicked off our entire season and we’re going to kill it. And I’m so excited,” Deal said.

In addition to the regular season, Carter believes this performance shows that the team has the potential to fare well in this year’s district competition.

“I think if we play like [we did on Friday] we have a good chance of going far in districts. We’ve never made it past the second round of playoffs, and this year we would like to go further,” Carter said.

Although the win is impressive in itself. However, there is some extra pride that comes with bringing home a win from a game played in less-than-ideal conditions. Deal feels that how comfortable the team is playing in wet weather was a large contributor to their victory.

“We always practice it in the rain, and so I think we had a really big advantage on Friday.; going out in the rain and still keeping that motivation… rain is our habitat,” Deal said. “It’s rain, snow, anything- we love it.”

Bahru also believes being prepared for all obstacles is a characteristic the team has developed well.

“Practicing in the conditions that we may possibly play in has helped us accommodate to how different our passing may be, or just simply running. It’s for sure toughened us up,” Bahru said. “As [Coach] Chaca always says ‘be Chaca prepared’.”