Finding funds


The lacrosse program is hosting an adult Easter egg hunt on Good Friday. This photo was tweeted out from the official account (@FHCLax) to promote the event.

Kana Chung, Move editor

Before one of their practices, the lacrosse ladies worked together to fill every Easter egg with a raffle ticket. The extra time spent working toward a common goal has brought those in the program closer.

With the widely celebrated holiday of Easter right around the corner, the lacrosse program has taken the opportunity to celebrate the holiday while raising funds for new practice equipment and uniforms.

Junior Jocelyn Morelli says the idea first came from efforts made by the players’ parents.

“We have a group of parents that have [meetings], and they come up with different ideas for fundraising, and they try to make it fun and [find] things that people would enjoy. And then we propose it to the coaches and they approve, or don’t approve,” Morelli said.

The event is an adult Easter egg hunt, which will take place Friday, April 29 at Lions Club of Harvester. Senior Jenna Merry gave a short description of how it all works.

“In each easter egg… there’s raffle tickets in them. And so you can sign up, and find them, and win something from the ticket you find in your egg.” Merry explained.

Not only is this fundraiser a tool for the lacrosse program to purchase equipment that will advance them as players, but it also strengthens the bond between them. As the teams came together to fill plastic eggs with raffle tickets, they felt that they grew closer. Senior Hattie Ransom felt that the necessity of cooperative thinking led them to bond.

“It was definitely a team bonding thing and just figuring out [how to promote it] because we had to invite people as well,” Ransom said. “So just coming together to do something that raises money for our group as a whole [was a bonding experience].”

In addition to inviting people they know personally, the program utilized several mediums to spread the word about their fundraiser.

“We have tweeted about it and sent out flyers and stuff like that, and just like told our families and friends and everything,” Merry said.

It should be a fun way to just hang out with fellow people and raise money for the lacrosse program.”

— Hattie Ransom

Additional information and tickets are available now at for $25 a person. The athletes and coaches sincerely hope many people will participate to support the lacrosse program.

“So it’s for adults only; that’s the only thing,” Ransom said. “But it should be a fun way to just hang out with fellow people and raise money for the lacrosse program.”