Up and over

The boys tennis team is working hard to prepare for GACs


PJ Sheehan, Beat editor

With the season reaching its half way point, the boys tennis team has gotten the hang of the game and is now starting to perfect strategies to help them in their matches. Senior Michael Yu has helped his new teammates get accustomed to the game and is now helping them improve.

“The practices are really oriented for everyone,” Yu said. “Me and Alex [Schrautemeier] strive to improve our team.”

With the team practicing hard, many of the players have been critiquing themselves to higher and higher standards. Sophomore Nicholas Luebbert felt that he could have done better at their most recent meet against Fort Zumwalt West.

“Personally I haven’t been doing the best,” Luebbert said.

Although the team is improving their record, so far the season has been less than stellar.

“So far this year we have not been doing very well,” Yu said. “I think we’ve won one match out of five or six, but the good thing is that I’ve been seeing improvement within the team.”

Even with the disappointing record the team moves forward to the next match. Sophomore Matthew Buckmaster is enjoying the season despite the team’s record.

“I’m definitely not the best on the team,” Buckmaster said. “But I’m new and getting into it and it’s pretty fun and the coaches are really helpful.”

The boys team remains optimistic about their upcoming GAC tournaments and are practicing hard to get ready for it.

“JV is learning basic strategy and Varsity is working on basic tactics and methods,” Yu said. “[Me and Alex] are doing fine together in doubles, but the rest of the team is struggling.”