Serving up a win


Seth Wilcox, Staff reporter

As the tennis season is coming to a close, many of the boys are looking forward to playing as much as they can before the end of the season. Sophomore Alexander Vogel is anxious for his next match.

“I’m actually really looking forward to my next game. Every time I play tennis, I go out there and I’m happy because it’s a fun thing to do,” Vogel said.

Though the team has faced some challenges, they have an optimistic outlook on their future games. Freshman Andrew Black is striving to improve himself for the upcoming matches and for next season.

“I still got time to practice,” Black said. “I hope to win my next match.”

The boys tennis team is still working hard to refine their moves and skills. Sophomore Luke Morrison thinks his team needs to work on some skills before the season ends.

“We’re just going to work things out before the end of the season,” Morrison said.

The team lost many seniors last season, which threw off some of the boys, but they’ve grown accustomed to the new players and the strategies they’re using.

“The team has grown a lot,” Morrison said. “It’s definitely improved throughout the season.”

At their last game against Troy for their GAC’s, the team faced a difficult opponent and came out strong. Seniors Michael Yu and Alex Schrautemeier took first place and other players, including Vogel, won matches against Troy.

“My partner and I ended up taking fourth place,” Vogel said. “We won our first match, lost our last two, but we played really good.

The boys are pumped for their next home game on Thursday and are looking forward to playing again.

“We have high hopes we could make it through districts,” Vogel said.