Tuning Tantrum

Patrick Sheehan, BEAT editor

Tuning is an essential part of music. It creates sound as the composer intended it to be in any particular piece of music. The standard tuning note is A=440 Hz and has been this way since 1926 in America. All of your favorite songs have been composed using this frequency of tuning; however, there has been a growing movement of uneducated fools who don’t know the first thing about music claiming that A=432 Hz is the better frequency. They claim it is the frequency of the heart and brain when that has been proven false countless times. They say this was how tuning was used in ancient drums when they had no way to tune their rawhide drums back then. I have no problem if a composer uses A=432 in a piece of music but don’t force your own personal preference without having actual facts to bring to the table.