Coming out swinging

With the first two games under its belt, varsity baseball is undefeated, building confidence for the rest of the season.

Claire Richardson, The Scene Editor

With two wins in their last two games, the season is starting out strong for the varsity baseball team. Both victories were by no small margin either. In both games, against Parkway Central and Parkway West, the Spartans scored 10 runs.

Senior Jack Webb says the team’s success can be tied back to everyone’s dedication during the offseason.

“We just kind of hung out, we built friendships within the team. I mean there were offseason workouts also; we had weight room workouts, batting cages, sessions, all that kind of stuff. It was really on us to get in the weight room ourselves and in the cages ourselves, and we all did,” Webb said.

While this desire to improve as players has helped lead the team to victory in its first two games, the Spartans have another thing going for them, something that will help them throughout the season: team chemistry. With a variety of team bonding activities, as well as being friends both in and out of the dugout, the camaraderie between the players is definitely there.

“We have great team chemistry, a lot better than last year. As a team we bond outside of school; we have fantasy league night, we’ll have movie night, we’ll barbecue. We all hang out, there’s no cliques on the team,” Webb said.

As of now, the Spartans have only allowed three runs between the last two games, with all three of these runs going to Parkway Central in last Friday’s game. If this wasn’t enough, in last Tuesday’s game against Parkway West, after ten runs, the mercy rule was called. It wasn’t pretty, says senior pitcher and first baseman Troy Newell, but they did what they had to do.

“It felt real good. It was good to get the win for sure to keep the season undefeated. [The win was] definitely good for the confidence of the team,” Newell said.

Webb agrees that the team needed the confidence boost that the last two games supplied. That confidence combined with the team’s ability to take advantage of each at bat will take the Spartans far as they begin to play regular season games.

“Our pitching has been pretty good, and we’ve been able to do the little things like bunting, moving over runners, stealing,” Newell said. “We haven’t hit the crud out of the ball, but we’ve been doing the little things, keeping the other team on their toes.”

The Spartan’s first home game is Monday. Come out and support the Spartans as they take on Ritenour with the hopes of continuing on their winning streak.

“I’m amped up about Monday’s home game. I feel like we’ll have a big crowd, since we’re 2-0 right now. I think we’re going to have quite a few people out. We’ve been waiting for a home game for a while, so we’re all excited about playing,” Webb said.