Conquered cadets

The Spartans dominated their game against the CBC Cadets last Sunday, dominating the game with a score of 15-1.

Alex Buhse, Sweat Editor

Recovering from their tough loss against SLUH last week, the Spartan frisbee team started the week off well with a win against the CBC Cadets. Winning 15-1 over their opponents, the Spartans controlled the majority of the game with their skills and tactics. Senior Jonah Greco described how the Spartans have excelled in all skills involved in the game.

“We dominated them in pretty much every way,” Greco said. “Throwing, we jumped over them and caught [the frisbee], speed; we were just better than them.”

In addition to their better skills, the team also played with exceptional strategy against the Cadets. Coach Jason Becker described how the game went for the Spartans.

“Our own zone defense played very well, often trapping CBC’s handlers against the sideline and earning a turnover in the process. We also did an excellent job hustling down on the pull, making sure their first few throws were tough for CBC’s offense,” Coach Becker said. “We started to get a little loose on offense as the game went on, but the aerial assault of [senior] Kyle McCormack rescued many of those bad decisions.”

After playing such a great game, Greco felt the team’s performance had improved much more from their previous game against SLUH. Greco expressed his feelings over the team’s better framework.

“I feel like this game we came out a lot more organized than we did last game, and we really looked a lot better,” Greco said. “Last game we were kind of rough, but this game we were really in tune and organized with our stuff.”

Looking onto the team’s schedule for the next week, the frisbee players will be very busy, as they will have three games. They will be competing at Parkway South this Thursday at 3:30 p.m., playing at FHC against Chaminade this Saturday at 1 p.m., and will be ending the weekend with the team’s toughest game out of the three, against DeSmet’s varsity team, this Sunday at DeSmet at 1 p.m. Coach Becker described the challenge the team will face this Sunday when facing the DeSmet Sparties.

“DeSmet will no doubt be our toughest opponent of the year. They’ve won the last seven or eight state championships, and they always bring a high level of play,” Coach Becker said. “Still . . . we beat CBC 15-1, and DeSmet beat them 15-3. A reason for optimism? We shall see.”

Greco agreed with Becker that DeSmet will be a challenging opponent but held his optimism for a team victory nonetheless.

“We lost to them in the state championship [last year],” Greco said. “They’re really good; we’re going to have to play really well against them to beat them, but I think we can do it.”