Boys golf begins

As their season begins, the players look forward to the upcoming matches and competitions.

Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter


The boys golf team is fueled with determination as they start off the season. New strategies such as a stacked varsity team will help them succeed and all the players on the teams are working together to make this season great.

“We get along pretty good, there’s never really any problems,” varsity player Brett Arnold said.

The varsity team consists of four seniors and one junior, who took time in the off season to go to the driving range and get better by trying to lower their scores.

“We had a lot of practice and went to the range a lot. It’ll lower our scores and give us a better chance at the State Championship,” Arnold said.

The players on the team are preparing for a great season, faced with many tough competitors. But with the preparation and practice they have had, they will put up a fight to be the best.

“With all of our talent this year we should make it hopefully to state,” varsity player Blake Kreder said, “I think we should win a majority of our matches.”

With the players gearing up into the season, they know that all the off-season training and practices they have had will benefit them on the course.

“We have a pretty good varsity team, it’s a lot better than most years,” said Kreder.

Another benefit to the players is the course they play on.

According to Arnold, the course they play on is more suitable to their abilities and will contribute to their success.

“It’s better than what we had, it’s a longer course. It’s more challenging mentally and physically,” Arnold said.

As the season takes off, the teams are preparing to take on the toughest competitors by practicing and trying their hardest to get their scores as low as possible.