Bringing the heat

Boys volleyball starts back up, setting high standards compared to its last season.

Emily Herd, Staff Reporter

The success of last year’s boys volleyball team passes the ball to a new team that is geared for victory. The season kicked off with six matches and one tournament, and the team’s current record is 4-6. The boys lost one match to Lindberg out of five schools in the Pre-season Blast tournament.

Junior setter Daniel Tedder believes that this season is deemed for success as they work on their weaknesses and step up from last year. Although Tedder was not on the varsity team last season, he has confidence that the team will dominate.

“We’ve performed well; it’s definitely a step up from last year, and we’re definitely improving with every year,” Tedder said.

Boys volleyball is constantly a growing sport that is intense for fans. The players give it their all every game, as the crowd cheers boastfully in the stands. Tedder encourages people to go watch the team’s games due to the excitement.

“People should go to our games because they’re fast paced and exciting. Plus, people can get hit in the face, do you really want to miss someone taking a volleyball to the face?” Tedder said.

The boys volleyball team next game is on April 15 against Francis Howell North at 6 p.m.