Twists, turns, tryouts

Potential Sensations undergo tryouts for the 2014-2015 year.

Madison Viola, Staff reporter

The Sensations have ended their run for the 2013-2014 school year, but the upcoming school year is approaching, and it’s time for new members of the team to show what they’ve got.

 This year’s senior Sensations made up the routines for tryouts and taught the potentials while also giving them advice and helping them out. The three routines that were learned for tryouts included pom, jazz, and hip-hop. The first day of tryouts was Monday and final cuts were Thursday.

 After first cuts on Tuesday, 28 girls remained in tryouts. They were then taught the jazz and hip-hop routines.

 Senior Stephanie Henry is the one who made up the hip-hop routine, and she also taught the routine with senior Taylor Luehrs.

 “The girls are doing really well. The Sensations normally do better at hip-hop, but it seems like these girls will do better in jazz,” Henry said.

 A good chunk of the 2013-2014 Sensations will be missing from next year, as eleven seniors move on to college and other things.

 “It was fun watching [the potential Sensations] do hip-hop. They might be nervous about so many people leaving, but they’ll be fine,” Henry said.

 Junior Jessie Hunkins has already been part of the Sensations, though she did not participate in the dance team this year.

 “I didn’t try out last year because I was really stressed out. After taking the year off, I missed [being on the Sensations] so I decided to try out again,” Hunkins said.

 Though Hunkins may have felt a little nervous for final cuts, she was mostly excited.

 “The tryouts aren’t that stressful for me. I’m going to be a senior, so this is my last tryout, and I want it to be fun,” Hunkins said. “I want next year’s Sensations to be really close.”

 Another potential Sensation who has experience with dance is junior Leah Parker. Parker transferred from Troy Buchanan High School in January.

 “One of the main reasons why I transferred is because I wanted to be on a good dance team,” Parker said. “The Sensations are really talented and are well known in the St. Charles area.”

 Parker has been dancing for eleven years and was a cheerleader at Troy.

 “Everyone is very welcoming, and it’s a happy environment. All the girls are very oriented in teamwork,” Parker said about the dancers at tryouts.

 Parker, as well as Hunkins, likes the tryout routines. The dancers learn each of them during one day of tryouts.

 “The dances are really good and challenging. It’s a good thing to be challenged and see if I can push my limits,” Parker said.

 Hunkins is a fan of the routines made up by the seniors due to the belief that they set apart the girls into which squad (JV or varsity) is right for them.

 “It’s weird how we get to see the seniors dance for the last time, but it’s nice that everyone gets to come together one last time,” Hunkins said.

 Hunkins and Parker agree that the seniors have been really helpful during tryouts, and Parker thinks that next year’s Sensations will work well together.

 “[The seniors] let us know what we need to do to stand out. They give helpful tips,” Parker said. “Next year will consist of a cohesive, hardworking group of girls.”

 The 2014-2015 members of the JV and Varsity Sensation teams have already been decided as of last Thursday.