First matches of the season prove superiority

As the matches take place, the players are able to see how all the practice and preparations turned out.

Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter

As the matches of the golf season are underway, and it is time for the players to find out their true potential as they take on their competitors. The time which they dedicated to practice and how they personally trained on their own is beginning to show as the season takes off.

The first match of the season was faced against St. Charles High, the second against Timberland and the third against Howell.

“I think we practiced enough,” varsity player Mike Renfrow said. “As a team we did good, some of our not as good kids stepped up and took the place of our mess ups.”

Practicing during the off season also heavily impacted the team because it have them a sense of knowing how the game is played.

“I went to the range a lot, played courses throughout the summer,” Renfrow said.

As the team took on their first matches, their success was shown. They placed sixth in the Bogey Hills Invitational on March 31st, won the Lake Forest Challenge on April 7th, and took home yet another win on April 8th against Troy. Following those matches, the team faced Francis Howell and Francis Howell North on April 10th, they lost to Howell but faced victory over North. The team was struck with difficulty when they took on Fort Zumwalt West on April 15th, and were defeated.

As the team set out to face Timberland on April 11th, tension was high for Doug Litwiller, who is a player on the team.

“Our biggest competitor is Timberland, they’re good at golf,” said Litwiller.

Unfortunately, the golf team was defeated during this match between Timberland, but they are preparing for a come back when they participate in the Elsberry Invitational on April 22nd.