Spartans persevere past Patriots

Missing key players but still overcoming adversity, the Spartan frisbee team won 15-4 against the Parkway South Patriots on April 15

Alex Buhse, Staff Reporter

Playing its rescheduled match against the Parkway South Patriots on April 15, the  Spartan frisbee team had a dominating game, winning 15-4.

Missing four of its key players, the team was left with a gap in its normal skill. This gave the team’s bench players a shot to step up and a chance to show off their abilities. Senior Bryan Tracy described how the team pulled together for a win despite losing its usual varsity players.

“We had a lot of higher level players – the veterans of the sport – absent, so a lot of us lower level players were able to play more,” Tracy said. “We started off really well, we were getting points back and forth, and then the [other team] got one point further on because they were catching on to our strategies. Toward the end the other team started a streak of three points, but then we finished the game and we won.”

Along with giving an overview of the game, Tracy explained what the team specifically did well and what it had trouble with throughout the game.

“We did really well with our defense which is something we’ve really been working on. We used the wall defense, which is a type of zone defense,” Tracy said. “When we went to man to man defense [though], that was a lot more difficult for us because we didn’t really do hard marking on their throwers.”

Satisfied with the performance of the team, Coach Jason Becker gave his account of how well the team played throughout the game.

“During the game, our second-line handlers were very patient and smart against a second-half Parkway South zone, and while our deep game was limited, we were broken on the mark a few times too often,” Coach Becker said. “It was great to see everyone get involved in the win”

Feeling confident about the team’s win, Tracy believes that the team will continue to build upon this success at this Sunday’s home game against the Lindbergh Flyers at 1 p.m.

“I haven’t heard anything about Lindbergh, but I feel like we’ll do well like we have been doing,” Tracy said.