Keep moving forward

Boys golf season has been going on for quite some time now, and the talents, struggles and rivals have truly been demonstrated.

Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter

Overcoming struggles can be difficult; facing teams that are very competitive and difficult to beat can leave a team feeling down. As for the golf team, their losses and hardship are making them stronger.

Senior varsity player, Brett Arnold, reflects the struggle that the team faced as they took one of their toughest competitors, Howell. Although they faced defeat, they will not let that stop them. They will continue to persevere in their game and become better.

“When we played Howell, we all got beat,” Arnold said.

The little mistakes the team made did not go unnoticed; they realized what they did and what they can do to fix them.

They are now motivated to practice harder, focus more, and to put forth every single ounce of effort that they have in their bodies.

Doug Litwiller, who is a junior, understands that the team needs to get more work done in order to further achieve success.

“We’re not doing as good as we should, we prepared too little, we could practice more,” Litwiller said.

The varsity team had a match in the Capital City Invitational on April 28, and as they prepared for that to take place, the team put in extra work in order to further succeed in their skills.

“Overall, we need to work on scores. We have to practice a little bit more seriously and put a little more effort into it,” Arnold said.

One thing the team needs to work on is their focus. If they are able to focus more, then the results will be changed drastically.

“We need to focus on every shot,” Arnold said, “it’s all practice, that’s really all it is.”

Although the golf team has faced some difficulties, the extra practice that they will now put in will be beneficial towards their scores and their overall outcome during matches.